An extra special thanks to the Guest Coaches who so graciously donated their coaching recordings to enrich this collection:
Barbra Sundquist, MPA, IAC-CC
Mentor Coach,

Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC

Marlena Field, PCC, is a Professional Certified Coach who has been a full-time coach for eight years. Marlena graduated from the Coaches Training Institute and from their Leadership Program. Marlena created a somatic coaching methodology and in June 2005 published a book titled, “Body-Centered Coaching: using the body as a resource for change”. She has led numerous seven week tele-trainings for coaches and in June 2007, created 3 CDs which include 215 minutes of live body-centered coaching demonstrations. Marlena is an inspiring catalyst and a steward for helping coaches assist their clients to access body information that creates a greater depth of insight, self-awareness and self-acceptance. As a co-author, her new book "Simply Being: a reflective practice guide for helping professionals" can be found at

A couple of years ago, Marlena had the good fortune to meet Barbra Sundquist in a little coffee shop in Nanaimo, BC. They shared many stories of life experiences, including what brought them to where they are in the coaching field. Marlena enjoyed Barbra's down to earth wisdom and insight and they have intentionally stayed in collegial contact ever since.

Jean Gran, IAC-CC

Jean Gran is currently an IAC Certified Coach, graduate of CoachVille, and Psychosynthesis Counselor. In addition, Jean formerly enjoyed a successful career as a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), Corporate Financial Analyst and Community College Accounting Teacher. By combining her financial and psychological expertise, Jean has become a Financial Wellness Coach & Educator. Her financial literacy programs enable people to claim their power and gain financial freedom through exploring and adjusting how they think and feel about money. To contact Jean or learn more about her work you can e-mail her at or visit To learn more about Jean’s journey to IAC Certification visit

"Throughout my IAC certification training felt truly nurtured by Barbra’s gentle, yet clear and direct style, the safe environment she created, and the connections she fostered within the group. Barbra carried the lantern to light our path, encouraged us every step of the way, and inspired us to reach out and support others on their path to IAC Coaching Certification."

Linda Lintz

“Life Coach”- finally a term to describe her “raison d’être”! Always interested in helping people reach their secret dreams, Linda started formal coach training in 2003, although she has been coaching all her life. Her specialty is making possible the birthing of goals that may seem “bigger than life.” She’s passionate about assisting people to thrive through difficult situations. Linda is a life- long learner who provides plenty of “food for thought” to get your creative juices flowing. The sharing of her knowledge of food and nutrition - as healing medicine - adds zest to her coaching.

"I have enjoyed working with Barbra Sundquist as she has as one of her strengths the ability to create a warm, welcoming coaching environment where she shares not only what you do well with your coaching, but her constructive criticism is delivered in such a gentle, caring manner that it is it easy to understand and easy to apply what you have just heard to improve your coaching."

Ron Little

Ron Little is a patient, thoughtful, light-hearted coach helping individuals seeking change and businesses striving to “clear the decks” and move forward with intention. Before discovering his innate coaching skills, Ron was a management consultant, a business partner and a corporate executive. Ron has also been a Chartered Accountant for over 30 years. Give him a call, (250) 352-5430, email him, or go to He’d love to become your “no-agenda” partner.

"Barbra appeared at a very important time in my development as a coach. Her clarity, honesty, forthright questions and observations opened my eyes to the possibilities that were inside me and to the skills I exhibited, but was unaware of, as a coach."

Catherine Miller, M.A., IAC-CC

I believe in our boundless human capacity to effect desired positive change in our personal and professional lives. When our thoughts, actions and interactions are in line with our values, we have integrity, the power of which resonates within us and through all we do.  I coach to enable positive change within those who seek it.

"It is with fond recollection and immeasurable appreciation, I think of Barbra Sundquist and her BACC classes.  In the safe harbour of her course co-created by all who were present, Barbra offered the ways and means for me to shore up my courage and skills, to venture forth with confidence grounded upon understanding what it took and what I needed still to improve, to masterfully coach others.  This venue and her way of being was a gift to more people than she or any of us who partook of the BACC course could ever guess. 

Thank you, Barbra, for following through on your values and vision with your love and integrity."

Susan Reimer-Torn

Susan Reimer-Torn is an IAC certified life-coach and trained hypnotist, an author and presenter. As founder of The Visibility Project and the Women Inventing Themselves (WIT) network she specializes in helping women find new directions, particularly at turning points.Time magazine quoted her as an expert in a cover story on women at midlife in May 2005.

A long-time practitioner of yoga and meditation, Susan's search for a mind/body take-home tool led to her cutting-edge work with aromatherapy. She recently founded Scentient Beings. Her "breathable essential oil blends" are acclaimed by individuals, five star spas and corporations as an ideal tool to manage stress and lower the high cost of success.

"Barbara takes the mystery out of high-proficiency coaching while never compromising its true depth. She is clear and honest, supportive and direct. Like all great teachers, she hones in on each student's strengths and finds ways of making the most of any limitations. I have been on calls where Barbra masterfully negotiated a path among many disparate candidates, responding meaningfully to each one without ever losing her own core values. We were able to take the exams with realistic appraisal of the challenge and confidence in our own abilities. Barbra educates for the finest in coaching."

Maura Da Cruz, IAC-CC

Maura Da Cruz (IAC and Coachville Certified Coach) has worked in the areas of organizational development, training and human rights for over 15 years in Vancouver, BC. A former high school educator, Maura's strengths lie in the areas of program design and delivery and team development. She has led numerous workshops on communications, coaching, diversity, human rights and leadership for audiences of varied occupational backgrounds.

Maura is a dedicated to life-long learning and is always seeking innovative ways to facilitate discovery and growth in herself and others. She has been directly involved in several cultural change initiatives with a large post-secondary institution, using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to build momentum for sustained success. As a life and business coach, Maura's approach has been described as multidimensional and holistic. She is committed to helping her clients stretch beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve their life purpose and as a result experience freedom and fulfillment.

"What I really enjoyed in working with Barbra during my time in the BACC program was her light heartedness and capacity to recognize the perfection in every situation. She had a propensity to design simple yet highly effective tools to make complex and nebulous information easy to understand. My coaching went to a different level after studying with Barbra for only 6 months, and for that I am very grateful."


Cheryl Downing

Bio Coming Soon...

Doris Helge, IAC-CC

Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an IAC-certified coach who teaches part-time for She is also a mentor coach for the IAC-licensed school, Confident Coach Connection, which you can explore at Doris founded Confident Coach Connection because, "In coach training, self-doubt is often the elephant in the living room. Practice can create coaching confidence, but not until coaches deeply connect with their spiritual side, including their innate intuitive edge. Coaches develop unshakable confidence when they fully integrate their life purpose and own their greatness. You develop magical strengths and gifts that were previously hidden from you." Doris helps coaches use proven short-cuts that quickly boost your coaching confidence and success. Coaching certification also becomes quicker and easier. Doris is the Success Coach who empowers you to overcome your fears and build a successful coaching business so you can do your destiny with joy. She is author of many books, some now published in many languages, including "Transforming Pain Into Power" and "Joy on the Job,"

"Barbra helped me understand where I was stuck re: Mastery #9 so I could quickly move forward with IAC coach certification. Just a few thoughtful words from Barbra made the lights go on. I'll be eternally grateful for her expertise, huge heart, ethics, and generosity. Barbra is definitely a gift to coaches around the world."